Turf Tamer® Lawn Seeding by Lawn Doctor of Virginia Beach

When it comes to seeding your lawn, it’s important that you get the job right the first time. Grass seed flourishes best when you seed during autumn. This means that it takes months to spot problems caused by faulty lawn seeding, and over a year to properly fix them. At Lawn Doctor of Virginia Beach, our lawn seeding experts offer everything you need to properly seed your lawn. We’ll help you choose the right mixture of seed for your lawn, pinpoint the best time to plant seeds, and guarantee proper seed distribution with the use of our proprietary Turf Tamer lawn seeding equipment.

Virginia Beach’s Lawn Seeding Experts

Choosing the right mixture of grass seed and seeding at the proper time can make all the difference when seeding your lawn. But with Lawn Doctor of Virginia Beach on your side, lawn seeding is easy. Our experts help homeowners choose the right type of grass seed for their lawn, offering advice on how different grass types will respond to different soil conditions, fertilization schedules, and the Virginia climate. To get the most out of your lawn’s grass seed, our experts typically suggest planting seeds in autumn.

Our Turf Tamer Lawn Seeding Equipment

Lawn Doctor of Virginia Beach is the only Virginia Beach-area lawn care company with access to Turf Tamer lawn seeding equipment. This made-in-the-USA line of power seeding equipment offers three distinct advantages over DIY seeding and other professional seeding methods.

  • Strong Seed-to-Soil Contact. Turf Tamer’s reciprocating action improves seed-to-soil contact, which helps seeds retain moisture and promotes fuller, faster growth.
  • Low-Impact Application. While other seeding equipment can damage existing turf, Turf Tamer is gentle on your lawn’s existing grass.
  • Even Seed Coverage. DIY fertilization often leads to sparse or clumpy patches due to uneven seed distribution. This is never a concern with Turf Tamer, which uses ground-metered technology to guarantee even seed distribution.

Want to see our equipment in action? Check out this video on YouTube!

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Lawn Doctor lawn aeration service can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.