Mosquito Spray for Yards

group of friends at an outdoor dinner party

Backyard Event Mosquito Control in Virginia Beach

Don’t let your next special event be ruined by mosquitoes joining the party. Our Backyard Event service is a one-time 100% natural mosquito control treatment and spray for special events such as:

– Graduation parties

– Backyard BBQ’s or cookouts

– Birthday Parties

– Weddings

It is very important to treat your landscape for mosquitoes! Think about how much time you spend in your yard each summer. Mosquitoes can make it difficult to host a party – often cutting off early or even completely the enjoyment of being outdoors when your guests are spending more time swatting than talking.

When should I have my yard treated for mosquitoes?

With our 100% Natural Mosquito control products’ refreshing odor you can schedule the treatment during the week and be all set to go for your weekend event. There’s no worry that your guests will notice anything but the good times and food you provide. And the extra plus is that you will get 2 more weeks of protection from mosquitoes after the party is over!

Most backyard event services are only $75.00 per spray.

To learn more about our Backyard Event pricing, call Lawn Doctor of Virginia Beach today at 757-436-4965.

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