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Just the thought of a tick infestation on your property can make your skin crawl, and these tiny, eight-legged parasites can hitch a ride on the back of almost any wandering animal. Because ticks are known carriers of diseases – such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – a preemptive response is essential to protect you, your family and pets. Luckily, Lawn Doctor can handle all of your tick control needs. With our Yard Armour® programs, Lawn Doctor protects you and your yard from these parasitic pests. All tick control services from Lawn Doctor are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Yard Armour Tick Control Services

When homeowners need superior tick protection, they turn to Lawn Doctor.

Our Yard Armour program targets ticks in the areas where they live and breed, and protects your yard, family and pets against infestations.

Yard Armour accomplishes all this by offering three distinct levels of protection:

  • Tick Prevention. Lawn Doctor’s tick control experts will work with you on ways to shield your lawn against ticks, including barrier treatments around the edge of your property.
  • Tick Control. We make Yard Armour applications to the property perimeter areas that ticks love to call home, helping you immediately reduce existing tick problems.
  • Ongoing Tick Maintenance. Our lawn insect control technicians routinely inspect and treat your lawn to safeguard against the appearance of ticks in the future.

Ways You Can Make a Difference

  • Alter your landscaping to increase sunlight
  • Create a clearly defined, manicured border
  • Prune trees, mow the lawn, and clear leaf litter and brush, especially along edges of the lawn, stonewalls, and driveways
  • Wildflower meadows, herbal gardens, etc. are less attractive to ticks and may be beneficial in tick prevention.

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