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Lawn Doctor of Salisbury, MD

If you want the best lawn care in Salisbury MD, come to Lawn Doctor Salisbury.  Their lawn experts live in the same community as you, so they have the expertise to deal with your local soil and climate conditions. You will have a lawn that is healthy, beautiful and the envy of the neighborhood!

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Most popular services:

Custom Fertilization, Weed Control, Perimeter Pest Control, Core Aeration

Other common services:

Lawn Maintainer Care, Tree and Shrub Care, Soil Enrichment

Common diseases controlled:

Disease, Fungus

Common weeds controlled:


Common pests controlled:

Grubs, Fleas and Ticks, Lawn Insects

Lawn Service in Salisbury MD options include:

Power Seeding

Build turf density with Lawn Doctor’s patented Turf Tamer® equipment. The ground-metered process generates the appropriate seed amount, maximizing seed germination while avoiding damage to turf that’s already there. A dense lawn can naturally defend against weeds and insects as opposed to a lawn that is thin and unhealthy.

Broadleaf and Grassy Weed Control

Weeds are the enemy of a lawn that aims to look neat and uniform. Broadleaf weeds have a couple of leaves with veins that are netlike. They could also contain flowers. Grassy weeds have a single leaf with blades that are long and veins that are parallel. 


A weed also known as nutgrass due to its resemblance to grass. However, nutsedge isn’t a grass, but a sedge. Failure to properly identify nutsedge can make it even more difficult to remove, since typical approaches to getting rid of grassy weeds will fail with nutsedge.

Perimeter Pest Control

Their pest control program is designed to rid the perimeter of your home of all sorts of bugs, such as crickets, ants and spiders.  The do a thorough inspection of possible points of entry such as windows and doors and look for situations that could attract bugs, such as firewood stacked too near your house.

About Us

Jason Cole has owned Lawn Doctor Bowie MD since 2003.

Areas They Serve

Salisbury, Snow Hill, Pocomoke City, Ocean City, Hebron, Fruitland, Bishopville, Berlin, Laurel, Delmar, The Lower Eastern Shore