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Get a Beautiful and Healthy Lawn with Lawn Doctor’s Lawn Fertilizing

Why is it important to make the best choice among the various lawn fertilizer companies for treating your lawn? So you can come home at the end of a long day and relax in your beautiful yard, thanks to Lawn Doctor’s customized lawn fertilizer service.  If implemented properly, lawn fertilizing can make your lawn healthier and greener than it was last year, and your neighbors will marvel at your green thumb!

See the Many Lawn Care Services From Lawn Doctor

Contact Lawn Doctor for a FREE Lawn Care Service Evaluation or you can call Lawn Doctor for Local Lawn Care to learn more about why Lawn Doctor is the one to choose among lawn fertilizer companies. To find your Local Lawn Doctor, see our USA Lawn Services Guide.

Lawn Maintainer Care Fertilization Program

Our experts in local lawn care could give you a one-time solution for lawn care, but what we really want to achieve is continual lawn perfection. Lawn Doctor’s Lawn Maintainer Care offers a regular, local lawn fertilizing program that will keep your grass lush, thick as well as disease and weed -free.

Since our local lawn fertilizing programs are aimed at fulfilling the requirements of your individual lawn, the timeframe to apply our lawn care is not exact.  Unlike other lawn fertilizing companies, we will not use a “one-size-fits-all” strategy, but design a lawn fertilization program for your specific needs.  But a typical yard does require four to six applications of lawn fertilizing each year.

Turf Tamer® Lawn Fertilizing Equipment for Complete Lawn Care

Other lawn fertilizing companies don’t have our exclusive and extremely efficient Turf Tamer® equipment, which can handle lawn fertilizing and will treat each inch of your yard. It is not even necessary for you to be at home during the application of lawn fertilizer if you’d rather be out enjoying family time.

For the individual needs of your lawn, we have also created Custom Lawn Care Services.  Whatever problems that you have, we know the local lawn fertilizer service you require.

Contact Lawn Doctor for a FREE Lawn Care Service Evaluation or you can call Lawn Doctor for Local Lawn Care.

Lawn Doctor’s Lawn Fertilizing Guarantee

If any of our Lawn Care Lawn Fertilizing Applications does not satisfy you, please tell us.  As your Lawn Doctor location that’s operated locally, we’ll come back and we‘ll reapply the treatment at no additional cost or we will give you a refund for the full charge of the previous treatment.