Power Seeding & Aeration

Power Seeding & Aeration for a Healthy Lawn

A lush, green lawn is the result of nutrient-rich soil with few weeds. Lawn Doctor’s Turf Tamer service ensures full coverage seeding without any damage to your existing lawn. Our aeration services reduce thatch buildup and soil compaction so your lawn can breathe and grow. Lawn Doctor of Edmond combines proven
practices for power seeding and aeration so you can enjoy a healthy lawn that is beautiful to look at.

Power Seeding in Edmond

Why Use a Power Seeding Service?

Build the density of your turf with Power Seeding Services from Lawn Doctor of Edmond. It improves your lawn’s health as well as appearance. Our Power Seeding treatment cultivates the soil creating good seed to soil contact. A dense lawn is an optimal way to defend naturally against insects and weeds. An aging lawn can become unhealthy and thin when grass plants become weak and die off.

Turf Tamer®

Lawn Doctor’s Turf Tamer was developed to maximize the results of our lawn seeding service. The Turf Tamer’s reciprocating action does not damage the turf that is already there. A ground-metered process promotes lawn aeration and plant development by distributing the correct seed amount throughout the soil.

When You Should Power Seed

The ideal time to use a power grass seeder on a lawn is during autumn, when you can begin preparing the look of the lawn for the upcoming spring. The combination of days that are warm and nights that are cool along with plenty of rainfall creates ideal conditions for germination and initial development of turf. Sowing seeds in autumn also enables them to grow without having to compete with broadleaf weeds such as dandelion and clover.

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view of lawn on a street corner that has yet to be power seeded
view of lawn before aeration and seeding
view of a street corner lawn that has had power seeding work
view of lawn after aeration and seeding