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Using Lawn Doctor’s California Lawn Care Service Leads to a Healthy Lawn

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home after the end of a long, tiring day and simply enjoy your lawn, without having to spend all of your free time working on it? That is what you can have with our California lawn services. Lawn Doctor has franchises in California to take care of your lawn care needs.

We offer customized California lawn services that are diverse as the state is. Whether your lawn is a cool season grass like bluegrass, fescue or ryegrass, or it is a warm season grass like Bermuda grass, seashore paspalum, or buffalo grass, we can make your lawn look lush, green and beautiful. Your yard will look better than it did last year, and your neighbors will wonder if you now have a green thumb!

California Lawn Care May Include the Following Services:


California Lawn Services – Lawn Maintainer Care Program

Now, our Lawn Doctor California Lawn Care professionals can give you a one-time lawn solution, in which your lawn will be looking better after just one application. But ultimately, to have lawn perfection that lasts, we offer a Lawn Maintainer Care program that will keep your lawn looking beautiful, lush, and free from pests or diseases.

Because our California lawn care services are meant to work with your individual needs, we do not have an exact timeframe for how all the services should be applied, and what the services are. Instead, we work with your lawn and your local climate for our California lawn services. However, generally speaking, a typical lawn in California can need between four and six of our lawn care applications each year.

How Turf Tamer® Can Help Tame Your Lawn

We use Turf Tamer® exclusive lawn equipment that is very efficient, and can quickly treat every inch of your California lawn. Not only that, but you do not even need to be home when we use the equipment to treat your lawn. So instead of having to spend your free time working on your lawn, you could be at some of the many attractions in California including the mountains, the beach, the redwood forests, or simply spending time with your family.

Lawn Doctor also has Custom services that can help your lawn’s needs, no matter what issues your lawn may have. We know how to make your lawn look great without needing a cookie cutter approach.

Our Lawn Doctor Guarantee

Each of our lawn care applications comes with Our Guarantee: If you find that any one of our California lawn care services does not get you the results you want, simply let us know. We will either return to reapply the California lawn care application for free, or give you your money back.

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