Special Pricing on Power Seeding for South Shore Homes!

Last year’s dry conditions were very hard on local landscapes. Many South Shore homeowners experienced the sadness and heartache that comes with a dry, patchy, dead lawn. Now that spring is right around the corner, there’s great news. Power seeding is the smart, strategic way to get your yard looking fantastic again – and if you act now, you can save serious money!

What is power seeding?

When your grass is dead or you have extensive bare patches in your lawn, the best strategy to repair this situation is to plant more grass. Planting grass can be as simple as throwing a handful of grass seed at your lawn – but good luck getting that method to deliver top results. Power seeding is the high tech systematic application of fertilizer-enhanced hardy grass seed specially selected to thrive in your lawn’s unique growing climate. The Lawn Doctor team uses the industry’s best practices to ensure lush, even grass growth that completely covers your lawn.

There are two times when you want to think about power seeding your lawn. That’s in the spring and in the fall. Let’s explain that. Obviously, winter in the South Shore is no time to plant anything. Not only is it too cold but there’s snow on the ground. The summer, as we all know, can be dry and scorching – hardly the right climate for tender new grass shoots to get established. If you choose power seeding in the spring, your seed can ease into life through the gradually warming days. By the time summer’s harsh sun arrives, your grass will have well-established healthy roots to support it.

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You can also choose to have power seeding done in the fall. These seeds will rest in place beneath the snow over the winter, preparing to spring into life early in the spring. Some homeowners who really had a hard time with last year’s conditions have already had fall power seeding but if you haven’t, don’t freak out. Spring power seeding will deliver great results this year!