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Kerry Tai - July 22, 2014

Having a terrific lawn is important if you want to enjoy your home, your yard, and your time outside. Whether it is sipping a cocktail on a lawn chair, or just enjoying the great outdoors, this is only possible with a healthy lawn. However, great lawns do not just grow naturally – they are cultivated by people who are experts in lawn care.

Kerry Tai - July 18, 2014

Similar to most lawn weeds, nutsedge is a weed that is noticeable and can deprive your turf area from obtaining moisture and nutrients. Nutsedge resides in landscapes and gardens that contain wet soil, often an indication of poor drainage, frequent irrigation, or broken sprinklers. Physical Appearance of Nutsedge Nutsedge has been known...

Kerry Tai - July 14, 2014

Humid summer nights can bring plenty of unwanted pests to your home. These pests can surround the perimeter of your home when you least expect it! Common pests can include ants, crickets, spiders, centipedes, and other various multi-legged pests. To keep your home safe, a perimeter pest control program is suggested to decrease the chance of unwa...

Kerry Tai - July 9, 2014

Growing your own vegetables as opposed to buying them from a supermarket will get you more delicious food that may even be better for you. Plus, you are more likely to eat those vegetables if they taste better. After all, carrots and lettuce, to name two examples, taste much better when you grow them yourself as opposed to buying them at the gro...

Kerry Tai - June 27, 2014

Your lawn may be an oasis for you and your family, but it could also be something else – an irresistible temptation for insects. Yes, creepy crawly bugs can infest your lawn, and damage the grass, trees, gardens, and flowers. Lawns infested with insects can turn brown and even die due to the bugs. And these lawn insects can negatively affe...

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